Year 6 dance

a few days ago I had my year 6 dance and I’m not joking when I say it was the best day of life!!!! On the party bus there were… dancing equipment and everyone loved it well it was a bit overwhelming for me at the start but it got easy to be calm well I was never calm but I was calmer. I’m happy all my friends could be there coz the experience could not have been the same without them. When we got to the dance place there was music, food and more food, I was very happy. I went to the dance with Indi and we had a dance we made up and the song for it came on… We danced to it together and it was so graceful. Here are some photos of the experience.                                                                                                                                                                                 




Peace out  /\_/\                                                                                                                                         (=”=)

Park times with friends 2

A few days ago I went to my local park with Trista, Scarlett, Oakley and one of Trista’s friends sienna ( she was really nice ). I brought my bow and arrow ( fake bow and arrow ) and we rode each others bikes and it was just really fun. After the park we went to another park and we all went on the swings. Me and Scarlett had a dance together while the others went to go see some kid that fell on the bike tracks. Scarlets mum picked her up and that’s when I went home to. Here are some photos 🙂

No one was hurt during this time It was a dull bow and arrow and we were carful.



peacE out 



When I asked Mr Hope for a left handed ruler on April fools

When we were playing silent ball and Ryley got out for moaning

When Indi tried to get sturdy

When someone knocked on their desk and our substitute teacher thought someone was at the door


Indi – Ryley – Miki – Macey – Amali – Aleria – Trista – MikiB – Basically everyone, I really think I don’t dislike anyone and I don’t think anyone hates me (I hope).

Fav teacher

Mr Hope and Mr hope only





peace out       /\_/\                   –                                                                                                                                           (=^.^=)                                                                                                                                                            (“)(“)_/



There this thing on phones when you go into camera it gives you two options… 1x or 0.5x, I love 0.5x because if you pot your camera right up to you or your friends face it makes it look very funny and weird. For example Indi.

Does she not look great. 🙂

Indi if you see this please not kill me 🙂 thx 

Cant forget Erica ( she is a friend outside of school and she also loves 0.5x )                                                Last but not least Me:

I love this one ;0

Hope you enjoyed and consider trying this for yourself.




PeAsE oUt

Funny filters

Lately I’ve been playing around with funny filters on snapchat with my friends phone because I am not aloud to have snapchat !!!!  Its really annoying because all friends have it and really the only reason I want snapchat is for the funny filters, But I understand why I am not aloud.    Anyway lets get back on track, Funny filters that right. I wanted to show you some of the picture’s I’ve taken, not just on me but on my little doggo Lucy Loo The Great And Powerful.

Here we have big alien eyes filter on Lucy.

And here I am a broccoli Christmas tree.

Lucy looks so cute with this one.

I look dazzling with this one on.

Hope you enjoyed.





peace out 😁

Apology post about story starters :)

Hello there, its me again, sorry I haven’t been posting as much as I used to I’m just a bit “busy” lately and I have a lot of things to do out and inside of school. But I’m making up for that with this apology post about story starters with the topics of horror, thriller and comedy; I’m not doing romance because its disgusting all that stuff! Anyway with the topics (not including romance) we had to include a part about a door, I don’t know why but we just had to. I found that including the door made it more difficult to make a story starter. Hope you enjoy :).



She heard scratches coming from behind her wardrobe door, even through she knew all she had in there was her teddys and toys.


He walked very slowly towards the door because he was uncertain about what was beyond such door.


The clown had bonked his head on the door and a big bump sprouted from his head like a flower.


I became friends with a frog .

A few days ago I went to the zoo with my mum, her boyfriend, my mums boyfriends daughter and my brother. We saw a lot of cute animals and creepy ones to like snakes.

And we saw my friend Jeremy.

Then we took a break on a cool looking bench and my mum said me and my brother should take a photo together but Christian can never just smile.

We had a lot of fun and hope to go back soon have a nice day.




.What’s your favourite animal at the zoo ?.

.peace out.


A big trail to track

Over the holidays I did a lot of fun things with my family, there was one thing I really enjoyed which was when I went on a big hiking trip with my dad\pap, brother and dog Lucy Loo The Great And Powerful.           The trial was real hard to track and I kept running out of breath. My dog Lucy had a great time she would not stop running around like a crazy person. I took some photos for you to see my trip.

Hope you enjoyed this post and have a great day.






.pEaCe OuT:).

Model Ginger Ninja

Here are some photos of Ginger Ninja for you to enjoy.

Now first up we have a great example of the stretching pose, next we have the…

Sitting pose and the…

Close up pose and another amazing example of the…

Close up pose again.

               Dont forget the behind pose and the looking up at camera pose and finally the looking away from camera pose.

Hope you liked this post, see you next time bye…





The Cat Model 🐱

We have a now Model in town, he has been in Vogue and has wrote his very own article what else do you need in a per… No not person he is in fact a cat and not just any cat, he is a model like no one has ever seen. Let me show you, get ready to be blasted away by sir Ginger Ninjas cuteness.

Here is when he was in Vouge.

Here is his article.


.peace out.